We are a group of Armenians living in diasporas and Armenia, who do their best to have a stronger and greater Homeland.

Our initiatives vary from economical support to villagers living in border close areas up to military aid to local NGO’s to train the civilian population according to standards of NATO.

We started to act in September 2020 giving humanitarian aid to refugees. Starting January 2021 we started to pass to long-term projects investing heavily in education and the creation of jobs for refugees.

In August 2021 we established All for Armenia social enterprise to support the war-impacted population of  Armenia.

We are helping people from rural areas to realize their products thus stopping emigration and using the income for further development of rural areas and educational programs, which will eventually lead to sustainability of rural communities and the development of our Homeland. We strongly believe in the bright future of our Homeland and understand that our actions together with the actions of thousands of Armenians all around the world will lead to the progress and prosperity of Armenian Paradise!